More than 2.5 million Canadians watched last night’s federal leaders debate in Canada. The Fab Five Canuck leaders skunked Sarah Palin and Joe Biden in the Canadian ratings, especially in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, where Canada beat the States by at least a 3-1 margin.
The score among the Canadian nets: CTV 1.03 million, CBC 853,000 and Global 647,000.
Not surprising that the Canadian debate won since no Canadian network or station simulcasted the U.S. vice presidential election debate. Still, it was a powerful pull on the U.S. border stations, likely the most-watched U.S. election debate since Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot squared off in 1992.
The first 90 minutes of the two hour live event averaged 11.58 million on ABC, 11.32 million on NBC, 11.09 million on CBS, 4.37 million on Fox and 3.5 million on PBS. (Overnight estimates, Nielsen Media Research). Fox News says it scored their highest numbers ever–11.1 million viewers. CNN was right behind with 10.7 million. It was also covered on CSPAN, MSNBC (4.4 million), CNBC, Telemundo, and Telefutura.
What does this all mean? It means Tina Fey will be back on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night at 11:30.
For those who missed out during the debate and still want to keep score, download your Sarah Palin Bingo cards here. (With thanks to TVFMF reader Kate).

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