The numbers are in! No, not THOSE numbers. I’m talking TV ratings, dammit.
Like I haven’t already beat this to death, but, Degrassi continues to sink into the abyss at CTV. A record low 220,000 bothered to check out Sunday’s second episode of the new season, down a ton from the week before which was already pretty bad. That is a national number. TWICE as many people live in Brampton, Ont.
The force is not with Star Wars: Clone Wars, either. Just 331,000 viewers watched episode two of the animated spin-off Sunday. Bring back Jar-Jar Binks!
Heartland on CBC was no hell, either, drawing 371,000. Where have all the Sunday viewers gone in Canada? To CTV, of course. Amazing Race drew 1,477,000. CTV also scored with Desperate Housewives, with 1,803,000 tuning in according to the BBM/NMR overnight estimates. At 10, CTV’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent (1,036,000) beat Global’s Brothers & Sisters (722,000).
CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, new theme and all, roared back with 1,323,000 viewers Saturday night to likely rank as the network’s top-rated show of the week. Even Game Two pulled close to a million at 951,000 viewers.

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