CTV Cuts Stab Youth, Music Stations

Merry Christmas, fired CTV employees. Your lump of coal arrived yesterday.It will be hard for CTV news anchor Tim Weber, entertainment reporter Jacintha Wesselingh (right) and Kate Wheeler of CTV NewsNet to feel the Christmas spirit this week. They are among the casualties in yesterday’s CTV cuts.With the downturn in the economy, massive layoffs have… Read on

No Jolly Holly Foley This Xmas? Pure Folly

Today is U.S. Thanksgiving, the unofficial kick off to wall-to-wall Christmas specials season. All anybody wants to know is, when does The Grinch air? Or Charlie Brown? Or Rudolph? If you are looking for a handy guide to all the holiday specials on TV this season, check out today’s Toronto Star. They asked me to… Read on

Viewership Up, Happiness Level Down

More talk today on CHML with Scott Thompson about how TV is going all to hell. Scott says new surveys are out showing TV viewership is higher than ever, up to an average of eight hours and 18 minutes a day according to Nielsen. Then again, another recent TV survey reports that the people who… Read on

Dear Mr. Knutzen: Thanks For The Memories

For decades, if you wrote a letter to Starweek magazine, asking for an address to write to a star, or to get information on your favorite TV show, the guy who answered your letter was Eirik Knutzen. So it was with sadness to read in the TCA newsletter sent to critics today that Knutzen passed… Read on

Here’s Your Rex Murphy Makeover

In the biggest response yet to a TVFMF Poll, Rex Murphy was chosen as the CBC personality most in need of a Don Cherry makeover. The results speak for themselves; Murphy looks frighteningly at home in zebra print. With apologies to the folks at the Rick Mercer Report, where this madness all began. Runners up… Read on

Teen Tourney Big Jeopardy Draw

What supper hour show scored over one million viewers twice last week? That would be CBC’s Jeopardy!, Alex, which drew 1,076,000 Wednesday and another 1,018,000 Friday for the conclusion of its Teen Tournament.That was won by 16-year-old San Diego high school student Anurag Kashyap, who, beat out 14 other smartypants contestants. This was no fluke… Read on

Mercer, Air Farce Still Flying High

As expected, Don Cherry helped boost the Rick Mercer Report back on top as CBC’s highest-rated non-hockey broadcast last week, drawing 1,169,000 viewers last Tuesday. In fact, if you add the other 815,000 who checked out Mercer’s Friday rebroadcast, the episode drew close to 2 million Canadians. A strong second at CBC was the surprisingly… Read on

24’s Other Canadian in Charge

Jack Bauer may be an international super agent, fearlessly throwing himself into any situation, but the guy telling him what to do wears a Toronto Maple Leaf cap.Jon Cassar, a native of Malta who grew up in Ottawa and is a graduate of that city’s Algonquin College, has directed “24” since it blasted its way… Read on