Grapes Makes Mercer Look Like A Million

A visit from notorious clothes horse Don Cherry powered the Rick Mercer Report back over a million viewers Tuesday night. The Hockey Night in Canada icon took Mercer to his tailor and nearly doubled the comedian’s ratings from a repeat episode airing the week before, collaring 1,169,000 viewers according to BBM NMR overnight estimates. That’s Mercer’s biggest audience so far this season. This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which follows Mercer, also got a lift Tuesday, with 766,000 tuning in across Canada.
Now if only Grapes could bring Sophie in for a makeover!
In case you missed Mercer’s Cherry makeover Tuesday, here it is below:

Ain’t that Mark VI a beauty? Thanks to the Bourque Newswatch for pointing out the YouTube link. Catch the entire Mercer show Friday at 8:30 as it repeats following Air Farce.
Next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on RMR: Mercer rocks on The Rock with singer/songwriter Feist in St. John’s, Newfoundland, plus what it’s like to work at the Toronto Zoo (zebra suit optional).

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