What supper hour show scored over one million viewers twice last week? That would be CBC’s Jeopardy!, Alex, which drew 1,076,000 Wednesday and another 1,018,000 Friday for the conclusion of its Teen Tournament.
That was won by 16-year-old San Diego high school student Anurag Kashyap, who, beat out 14 other smartypants contestants. This was no fluke by Kashyap; in 2005, he won the Scripps National Spelling Bee–the second young brainiac to win both prizes. The Rancho Bernardo High School Senior took home U.S.$75,000 for his quiz show win.
While Jeopardy! does tend to skew old (although try telling my 15-year-old, who sat glued to it last week), giving up the rights last season still seems like a screw up by CTV. Factoring the Thursdays at 7:30 So You Think You Can Dance Canada results show out of the mix, CTV is down to 200-300,000 viewers some nights with their supper hour tandem eTalk and Access Hollywood.
By the way, a Canadian contestant, Nathaniel Barnes of Toronto, is featured tonight at 7:30 on Jeopardy!

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