Viewership Up, Happiness Level Down –

More talk today on CHML with Scott Thompson about how TV is going all to hell. Scott says new surveys are out showing TV viewership is higher than ever, up to an average of eight hours and 18 minutes a day according to Nielsen. Then again, another recent TV survey reports that the people who watch the most television are the least happy. Of the 45,000 people who were polled, they said things like having sex made them happier than watching TV. Well, D-uh! Of course you’re gonna say sex makes you happier, especially if you’re being polled! (Thanks you, try the veal, I’m here all week). You can listen in on the radio chit-chat here.
Still, there could be a correlation between unhappy people and increased TV viewing. As Thompson suggests, the way the economy is going, a lot of unhappy people soon won’t be able to afford to do anything but watch television.
Which may help explain this ratings jump this week: CBC’s Dragon’s Den hit an all time high with 971,000 viewers Monday. That strong Jeopardy! lead-in (1,006,000) could also be a factor. So are those heartless Dragon judges who just ripped those poor saps to shreds on Monday’s show. Look for Dragon’s Den to pass the million mark when the finale airs Dec. 8.
Monday’s episode of The Border–already renewed for for a third season–also was up week-to-week with 729,000 viewers, not that far behind Global’s slumping totals for once mighty Heroes (777,000).

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