December 2008


Turner Classic Movie’s beautiful little year ender brings a tough year to a close with style and grace. If there was a better channel in 2008, I’d like to know about it. The recent salute to Disney’s live action films, The Age of Believing, was such a terrific Christmas present, worth it if just for

2008 was a tough year for TV critics. Many were re-assigned or lost their jobs altogether, caught in the squeeze of higher newsprint costs, lower advertising revenues and the apparent generational shift away from daily newspapers. Roger Ebert suggested in an article a month ago that film critics–also dropping like, well, canaries–were the “canaries in

The end of the year brings a chance to do a little house cleaning. Here are a few stories I’ve written recently that I haven’t had a chance to post about at TV Feeds My Family.One big TV event I’ve written about several times, including Saturday’s Starweek cover story, was tomorrow night’s New Year’s Eve

Get the ploughs out for the drive home, Hamilton: I’m booked today with my pals Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly on ‘CH’s Live @ 5:30. The topic is all those new mid-season shows comin’ atcha in January, including Fox favorites 24 (returning Jan. 11) and American Idol (Jan. 13) and new Fox/Global dramas Lie To

Broke the story today in the Toronto Star that Dragon’s Den judge Kevin O’Leary has been hired by Mark Burnett to be part of the upcoming ABC version of the series, Shark Tank. The pilot shoots in L.A. Jan. 6-9. You can read the entire Star piece here. Hand picked by savvy showrunner Burnett, O’Leary

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor ice could stop me from attending the final ever taping of Air Farce last night in snowy Toronto. Thanks to my neighbors Doug and Roberta, and their trusty, driveway-clearing snow blower and four wheel drive jeep, we made it down to the CBC broadcast centre, where everyone else