Looking for an xcellent xmas time killer? Check out Betamaxmas, a crazy little YuleTube Internet creation. Go there and you’ll see an old TV screen crammed full of ’70s and ’80s Christmas TV nostalgia.
You’ll see clips from a 1987 Julie Andrews holiday special (oops–they called them “Christmas specials” back then) with guests Placidio Domingo and John Denver. There are also clips from Christmas episodes of Designing Women, Perfect Strangers, Facts of Life and Eight is Enough. There’s even a glimpse of that Very Brady Christmas reunion special, the one where they replaced Cindy with another actress (nicely goofed on in a memorable Simpsons episode).
There are dozens of toy ads and station identification plugs, too. The set comes complete with rabbit ears (you can adjust them and improve the picture!) and an old Diff’rent Strokes TV Guide cover (click on it to see a list of all the video clips that pop up on the TV screen). Check it out here and thanks to Scott Campbell at Family Channel for pointing me to it.

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