24 Days of Christmas

The following took place between the hours of 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. I went to the door and there were four boxes from Fox. One of them contained Jack Bauer.Well, okay, a little toy, G.I. Joe version of Bauer. A “Deluxe Boxed Set Jack Bauer Action Figure,” to be precise. McFarlane Toys has “captured”… Read on

Flashpoint Snipers Deflect Random Shots

U.S. network conference calls are always a bit of a crap shoot. You never know what you’re going to get, and if you’re a Canadian journalist, you never know if you’re going to get to ask a question. I’ve been on a few this week, including today’s chat with the stars and producers of Flashpoint,… Read on

Idol Talk on the Radio

Went over that whole Canadian Idol deal again with Scott Thompson on CHML yesterday. You can listen in here. I maintain it is disingenuous for CTV to position this as the result of the slumping economy when really it is all about a slumping TV show. For those worried about what Ben Mulroney will do… Read on

Olympic Cash Crunch Crushes Canadian Idol

CTV has announced it is “resting” Canadian Idol for a year. Also “resting”: Van Johnson, Bettie Page and Mr. Blackwell.Seen napping: Paul Newman. Looking a little sleepy lately: Ted Rogers.CTV should just be honest with the fans and admit it: Canadian Idol has been canceled. Canada is karaoked out. The talent pool, as seen by… Read on

How The Fringe Stole Christmas

You have to hand it to the Fox promotions department. Finding a way to tie in the gore and guck of Fringe with the holiday season is a cow-razy idea, but here you go: By the way, have you seen how those 40-year-old Christmas specials are kicking ass on CBC? Last night’s broadcast of Dr.… Read on

Survivor, Rudolph Sleigh Green Gables

Just 1,042,000 watched CTV’s Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning Sunday, a new low for Kevin Sullivan’s played out Gables’ franchise. Worse, just 306,000 kindred spirits in the 25-54-year-old demo tuned in, according to overnight estimates from BBM/NMR.That placed the poorly reviewed prequel/sequel a distant third nationally behind the finale of Global’s Survivor: Gabon… Read on

Anne of the Windy Storyline

Tonight’s Anne of Green Gables” A New Beginning could almost be called Anne of Green Gables: If I Did It.The “I” being writer/producer/director Kevin Sullivan, who has concocted tonight’s three hour “prequel/sequel” to his hallowed and Hallmark-y Green Gables trilogy.In the extensive press notes to the TV-movie, which included a lavish, full colour, 64-page press… Read on

Keeping a Low Media Profile

Learned a lot last night at the annual Media Profile holiday party in Toronto. The semi-formal bash, held this year at The Brant House on King Street, was packed with many of the usual suspects. I got talking to a couple of CBC producers who told me some astounding stuff that I have to sit… Read on