Letterman, Hicks and the Healing Power of Redemption

With David Letterman you really do get all the great late night TV talk show hosts rolled into one. In the early ’80s he started out all Steve Allen, smart and smart ass; somewhere around the time of Johnny Carson’s death he assumed the stature and gravitas of Carson, and, as he did on Friday’s… Read on

Once Around the Geo-Block

Tina Fey joked last year that being on a network TV show today was “like being in vaudeville in the ’60s.” Being in on the new media shows, on the other hand, is like being in television in the ’40s. It’s new and it’s cool.At least one reader of this site has already suggested that… Read on

Even TV Can`t Scare This Human Guinea Pig

This morning I watched a man put a giant hook through his nose, clamp cow bells to his eye lids and chew a light bulb to bits.No, it wasn’t Leonard Asper. It wasn`t even the Canwest programming executive who just ordered more episodes of Howie Do It. It was Ryan Stock, the 26-year-old daredevil host… Read on

Mercer Soars to Seasonal High

The Rick Mercer Report drew 1,262,000 viewers Tuesday night, it’s biggest audience of the season. Tuesday night is fast becoming TV night in Canada, with high numbers across all three Canadian networks.Mercer’s show, which showed him skiing with Olympic champion-turned-senator Nancy Greene, came third in its 8 p.m. timeslot, behind CTV powerhouse American Idol (1,929,000)… Read on

See Those Spiked Super Bowl Spots Here

Super Bowl Sunday is as potent as ever as a TV draw. That’s part of the radio talk this week with CHML’s Scott Thompson. You can listen in here.Scott brings up this whole deal about sponsors being booted off the NBC broadcast because their spots were deemed too steamy–only to cash in with all the… Read on

Being Erica is Being Tested

Being Erica is being stubborn about building an audience. The fourth week is usually when you settle into your season average and Erica sank to her lowest outing yet, 564,000 viewers. So far, the CBC fantasy/drama, starring Erin Karpluk, is averaging 607,000 viewers across Canada (all figures BBM/NMR overnight estimates). I’m finding that the show,… Read on

Ed “Tanks” His Fans

Hot on the heels of that Battlestar Galactica auction comes word of another chance to own a piece of TV history–the hot tub from Ed & Red’s Night Party.The hot tub–affectionately known by Ed affectionatos as the “wank tank”–saw plenty of action on the long-running Ed the Sock City-TV series. Bikini clad models (some not… Read on

Trailer Park Boys Lands New U.S. Deal

Lock up your kitties, America. Trailer Park Boys is getting a second shot at a U.S. audience.U.S. rights to the long running Canadian comedy about a hard drinkin’ group of East Coast misfits have been acquired by the satellite television service DirecTV. The deal, reported online by Bill Carter in The New York Times Friday,… Read on