Already With The Obama Jokes –

The talk was mainly about yesterday`s swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. president. Not just on the street or by the water cooler but on today’s radio chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson. You can listen in here.
Have to say it was fascinating to see how excited America was at the inauguration. On the flight home from Los Angeles on the weekend, the buzz was all about Barack. Several passengers from L.A. and from Minneapolis (where I made a stop-over and where the photo at right was taken) were heading to Washington for the ceremonies. At the airports, CNN was on TV screens everywhere, blaring wall-to-wall coverage of the event. There was also Obama gear in every store window and all over the streets of L.A. Yes we can lift American out of recession, 100 T-shirts at a time.
And, of course, the jokes have already hit the Internet:

Scott also wanted to know a few last press tour details. I also cued up tonight’s premiere of the excellent new Tim Roth drama Lie To Me on Fox, as well as the three hour (a recap hour at 8, plus two new hours) of Lost on ABC. Critics screened the new episodes at press tour and there`s a pretty juicy reveal toward the end that should rock a few Lost fans back into following this series.
Thompson, by the way, has finally launched his own personal web site, Check out his interviews with Cheech and Chong and two of the Sopranos stars, among other goodies on the site.

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