Do Our Bidding, Earthlings –

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif.–Bit late with this but if you’re browsing here Sunday and a sci-fi fan pay attention: A live auction of costumes and props from Battlestar Galactica is currently underway. Fans from Canada and the U.S. can bid to own a piece of the show, out of production after four seasons.
Hundreds of items from the series are up for bid, including a few that were exhibited during NBC’s press tour session: Tricia Helfer’s “Number Six” red dress, Michael Hogan’s Colonel Saul Tigh’s Liquor bottle and Michael Trucco’s holsters and knifes.
The auction, which is taking place in Pasadena, Calif., will stream live at A portion of the auction proceeds will benefit United Way as well as several other charities, some chosen by the cast members. Helfer’s causes include the Richmond Animal Protection Society, Kitten Rescue, the WWF and Peta.
Hogan is also helping some causes near his Vancouver home, including the Performing Arts Lodge (PAL).
There are some cool space ship models among the goodies. Two Hero metal dog tags worn by Nurse Kim just fetched $700USD; a prop Hero lighter went for $5500; a Viper pilot uniform fetched $5800; Starbuck’s flight suit sold for $14,000! NBC expects some of the most sought after hardware to fetch in the thousands. Good luck, Earthlings!
UPDATE: Man did this thing pull in the space bucks. The Command Plotting Table–the most visible set piece on Battlestar Galactica–went for $16,000USD. Some of the cool helmets on the show sold for $4000-$6000. People! They’re tricked out bike helmets! Head Six’s backless red dress sold for $13,000 (you should also get Head Six for that) and the door to the Command Information Center fetched $9,000. Foolish Earthlings!

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