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Hot on the heels of that Battlestar Galactica auction comes word of another chance to own a piece of TV history–the hot tub from Ed & Red’s Night Party.
The hot tub–affectionately known by Ed affectionatos as the “wank tank”–saw plenty of action on the long-running Ed the Sock City-TV series. Bikini clad models (some not so clad), the occasional porn star and even Ed’s curvy co-host Liana K all took a dip in the TV tank.
The item has just been posted on eBay as item # 220351251499. The opening bid is $350CAN and you have until Feb. 5 to get in on the action. Winning bidder must pick the tank up in Toronto. Then, just add water and babes and “presto”–host your very own night party.
The tub was featured in five of Ed’s 17 seasons. “I’d like to claim it’s been ‘gently-used,” says Ed the Sock in today’s release, “but people watched the show. They know there wasn’t much ‘gentle’ going on.”
Proceeds from the sale will go to two charities: a homeless charity and an animal charity in the city of the winning bidder.
The sale of the tub doesn’t mean Ed’s washed up–just that he’s cleaned up his act. Ed’s right hand man Steve Kerzner reports that new Ed projects are in development. Stay tuned.

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