UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif.–Craig Ferguson came to the rescue as promised, treating critics to pizza today at the tail end of the press tour. The CBS late night talk show host was clearly touched by my urgent plea during his session the other Wednesday.

QUESTION: And one other thing. Could you send pizza Thursday/Friday? because NBC and ABC stopped feeding us.
CRAIG FERGUSON: They don’t send any pizza now?
QUESTION: They don’t send nothing.
CRAIG FERGUSON: They don’t send anything? I think they are confident that they are going to get such an easy write from you guys that they don’t feel they have to bribe you (laughter). I, however, am deeply insecure, and you can expect a feast come Thursday or Friday (laughter).

True to his word, Ferguson arranged for pizza to be delivered to the TCA press room at the hotel Friday night. (Sending it Thursday would have been too cheeky, what with late night NBC rivals Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon busy working the tour.)
Ferguson has been sending over pizza ever since he hosted the TCA Awards four years ago. Pinched hard by the recession, some of the networks have been cutting back on their hotel food bills, leaving critics without cake, cookies or pie for several minutes at a time. This has led to light headedness and listlessness in the sessions, even hallucinations. Some critics swore they saw Ben Silverman at the NBC hall party Thursday night, for example.
Thanks to Ferguson, we can once again roll home at least 15 pounds heavier and just that much happier. Scottish pizzaman, the TCA salutes you!

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