Golden Globes Less Bleepin’ Fun in LA –

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif.–Critics at press tour had their very own Golden Globes party Sunday night–although it was a pretty unglamourous event. It was a live screening of the 66th annual statue fest, held in a small empty room at the press tour hotel.
The not-so-special screening, beamed on a single Plasma screen, meant that we didn’t have to wait until 8 p.m. P.S.T. to see the awards, the way everybody else in Los Angeles did.
One interesting little benefit of that was being able to compare the east and west coast feeds. One steady reader to this site emailed his surprise when the language got rough by the end of the broadcast. Many critics who saw the east coast feed felt the same way, wondering if the censor was asleep at the switch. Best actor winner Mickey Rourke got away with a few blue epitaphs and his buddy in the audience was clearly shown giving him the finger.
Three hours later, though, when the finale was shown to west coast viewers, the one finger salute was blacked out and Roarke was bleeped, as was the F-bomb dropped by Slumdog Millionaire producer Anil Kapoor at the end of this clip:

Networks censors have been more reactive in recent years, especially after Bono dropped the F-bomb at the 2003 Golden Globe awards. Record FCC fines had all networks reaching a little faster for the delay button. But with a new president just days away from taking over in the White House, censors seem to be saying “yes we can” to allowing more liberal language on TV.
WTF. Anyway, critics at the screening gasped when something even more offensive was flashedon screen–the faces of NBC network bosses Jeff Zucker and Ben Silverman. Many scribes reflexively made crosses with their fingers as if warding off bloodsucking vampires. Yes, critics can be as catty and snippy as everyone else. Just like folks at home, we were disappointed when there were no drunken outbursts (although Irish actor Colin Farrell, who won for In Bruges, came close in his funny acceptance speech).
Also getting a laugh was when Maggie Gyllenhaal came out with Aron Eckhart to present an award in a dress that looked like something Carol Burnett once wore in a Gone With The Wind sketch. “How could she leave the house?” Asked one critic.
We also gasped when Seth Rogan came out to present looking leading man lean. The B.C. native has sure hi the gym since Pineapple Express. Guess he no longer has the munchies.
The first winner, Kate Winslet, seemed genuinely moved at her Best Actress award for The Reader. “I’m in shock,” said the five time Oscar nominee, suggesting she’s just not used to winning. She thanked the makeup people for making her look so old in the movie, which is something you don’t hear often in Hollywood. She won again later and went on and on as if she had won a real award instead of a glorified bowling trophy. “I know they have champagne at every table but do they have barf bags?“ asked one critic.
The dude who directed Wall-E thanked his wife and kids, saying, “You inspire every motion I ever capture on screen.” This had the odd distinction of sounding heartfelt and extremely detached at the same time.
Critics jeered when Jeremy Piven was shown seated among the stars at the awards (he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a TV show, but lost out to Tom Wilkinson from HBO’s Recounts). Piven was roasted recently for bailing out of Broadway`s Speed-the-Plough for his fishy excuse about having mercury poisoning. “How can he possibly be there? He’s dying!” shouted one smartass in the room.
Critics also went “Whaa?” when David Duchovny came on stage to present and made a point of saying that he just got a text from his wife (Tea Leoni). Like everyone watching at home, we all just assumed she wasn’t with him at the awards because she was still steamed at him for that sex addiction thing.
The two actors who play Kirk and Spock in the new Star Trek movie, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, came out to mention that they are the two actors who play the new Kirk and Spock in the new Star Trek movie. Then they gave an award to Anna Paquin for playing a vampire groupie in True Blood. “Awesome!” she says about five times.
Tracy Morgan drew laughs for thanking “Lorny Mikes” (executive producer Lorne Michaels) while accepting the Best Sitcom award for 30 Rock. “I’m the face of post-racial America—deal with it, Cate Blanchett!” he said. Also a hit was original Office star Ricky Gervais, who did not pick up a Golden Globe nomination this year. “Last time I sleep with 200 middle-aged journalists,” he quipped.
Joke of the night, according to the critics: when Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen started riffing on the economy. “Even Madonna has been forced to get rid of one of her personal assistants, “he said. “Our thoughts go out to you, Guy Ritchie.”

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