Lie To Me, Global Asks Nielsen

It`s no lie–Lie To Me did not bust out of the gate last night.
The critically acclaimed crime drama, starring Tim Roth (The Usual Suspects) as a police expert who can tell if somebody is lying just by reading their facial expression, drew just 601,000 on Global last night.
Mind you, it had to follow a rerun in Canada of over used House (678,000). In the U.S. on Fox, it had mighty American Idol as a lead in. That gave it twice the boost proportionally, goosing it to 13.19 million U.S. viewers. Still, as Mediaweek`s Marc Berman points out in today`s Programming Insider column, that was about half the U.S. audience that watched Idol at 8:30 (26.98 million).
In Canada, Idol did a little over 2 million last night. Still pretty good, but not quite as dominant as in year`s past.
The big surprise last night was over at CBC, where The Week The Women Went returned strong with 819,000 viewers–against Idol. This new Nova Scotia-based installment of the reality series opened above its already strong season average last season (around 775,000 per week).
CBC`s momentum continued into The National news hour at 10, when the visiting Dragon`s Den panel helped Peter Mansbridge to 959,000 viewers.

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