See Those Spiked Super Bowl Spots Here

Super Bowl Sunday is as potent as ever as a TV draw. That’s part of the radio talk this week with CHML’s Scott Thompson. You can listen in here.
Scott brings up this whole deal about sponsors being booted off the NBC broadcast because their spots were deemed too steamy–only to cash in with all the press coverage sending the curious over to various web sites. It’s a neat way to save the millions NBC charges for 30 seconds and reap all the exposure and added web traffic. I wish I had thought of it. Maybe it’s not too late.
Go Daddy’s been pulling this prank for years. It gets them splashed all over CNN, Fox News, etc. Here are the two ads they submitted for Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast, both featuring racy Danica Patrick:

Now PETA’s pulled the same prank. Here’s their fun and sexy ad rejected for going way beyond “wardrobe malfunction.”:

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Pass the veggies and dip! NBC did PETA a huge favour by deeming the ad as depicting “a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” They particularly objected to a scene they felt showed a woman “screwing herself with broccoli.” Sure, go ahead, I’ll wait here while you replay the video.
Now, here’s an ad that will run on Super Bowl Sunday, although, as usual, Canadians won’t see it. It is for SoBe Lifewater, a Pepsi product. The eye-popping spot will apparently be available in 3-D in the U.S.:
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Dreamworks got in on this ad with all those Monsters vs. Aliens interacting with the SoBe lizard. Viewers are meant to pick up 3-D glasses at participating Pepsi retailers in the U.S. By the way, that’s Patriots All-Pro offensive lineman Matt Light, New York Giants’s defensive end Justin Tuck, and Baltimore Ravens’s tackle Ray Lewis in those white tights. The spot will air after the start of the second quarter. And, yes, there’s even a making of the SoBe Super Bowl “Lizard Lake” spot, courtesy YouTube:

NBC still had four spots to sell four days before Super Bowl XLIII. That’s four out of 67 spots, not bad in this economy. Ad experts predict that, at nearly $3 million US an ad, NBC will bring in slightly less than $200 million for its first Super Bowl broadcast in several years.
CTV, The Canadian Press reported Wednesday, still had several ad openings for its Canadian coverage of the game. Hey, PETA, we love broccoli!!

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    If you have a satelite dish just tune into the west coast feeds. They usually run the US feed.


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