UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif–Nothing gets Canadian scribes at press tour more excited than a Flashpoint reference. CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler (left) threw us a bone this morning. “Flashpoint has been a terrific experience for us,” she said, adding that her network is looking at partnering with other “foreign countries” on future TV projects.
Not that she considers us furiniers. “Canada isn’t that foreign, really,” she said.
Tassler seemed equally happy with both the “business model” efficiencies as well as the creative aspects of Flashpoint, which is a CBS/CTV co-production. She added that, “as long as the creative quality is there, it gives us a great opportunity to scour, not only Canada, but other places to find other programming opportunities.”
Which, you know, is good given how few good programming opportunities Canadian producers get from, well, Canadian networks…
Tassler also announced that a variety show deal is in the works for John Mayer. “We’re actually pretty close to closing our deal,” she said, describing the show as “a musical, variety, sketch show.” Plans are also going forward at CBS for a NCIS spinoff, which itself was a spinoff of JAG.
She described the NCIS/The Mentalist combo as “the most watched two hour block on television.”

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