Running Guns Airs Sunday Night

If the voice narrating Shelley Saywell’s disturbing documentary Running Guns: A Journey Into The Small Arms Trade sounds familiar, it should. It belongs to Kiefer Sutherland, television’s freedom fighting vigilante, Jack Bauer.The 24 star was in Africa last summer shooting 24: Redemption, the two-hour TV-movie which aired last November, when he was contacted by Toronto-born… Read on

Can Sex Save Being Erica?

For the first time, Being Erica has slipped below the “More People Live in Brampton” threshold. Only 419,000 watched Wednesday night across Canada, another new low for the series. (The 2006 census pegged Brampton’s population at 433,806.)Worse, only 176,000 of those viewers were in the 25-54-year-old range.The rookie CBC fantasy drama has shed more than… Read on

Ratings: Rick Mercer Gets High With Hazel

Hurricane Hazel McCallion helped storm the Rick Mercer Report to a seasonal high, scoring 1,289,000 viewers last night. The 88-year-old Mississauga mayor was the latest Canadian icon to goose Mercer’s numbers, with both Nancy Green (1,262,000 in January) and Don Cherry (1,169,000 in November) also driving the weekly CBC comedy series to new heights.Getting a… Read on

ION Has Their Eye On Canada with Border Sale

What’s an ION? It used to be called the PAX network, showing reruns of peace loving shows like Touched By An Angel and Highway to Heaven. Soon, the U.S. cable network will be home to two gun-toting Canadian made productions: CBC’s The Border and Global’s The Guard.It’s taken a while for The Border to land… Read on

House Keeps Global Alive On Monday

House is the one thing keeping the House that Izzy built in business. A new episode of the Fox import drew nearly 2.5 million Monday at 8, a nice robust score for the financially troubled Canwest network. Global’s Monday take included a strong return on 24 (1,243,000) and another weak outing at 10 for Heroes… Read on

Tonight: McCallion Takes Mercer for a Ride

Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion steals the show as The Rick Mercer Report returns tonight with the first new episode in three weeks. Her honor is 88 and can still kick Rick’s ass on- or off-the ice, in the gym or even in the (bowling) alley as she demonstrates in the fun episode.No wonder she’s ruled… Read on

CTV, ABC Up With Oscar

Did hard times play a factor in Sunday’s Oscar bounce? Despite the lack of blockbuster contenders and a rookie host, ratings for the Academy Awards was up on both sides of the border. Good news (finally), broadcasters. Seems people are doing what they do when times are tough–staying home and watching television.In Canada, The 81st… Read on

Jackman, Oscars Put On A Show

Oscar put on the right show for the right times Sunday night. Gone was the cynicism and edge that has fallen flat in recent years. Instead, led by straight ahead host Hugh Jackman, these were the singing, dancing, Yes We Can Academy Awards, less of an Oscar show and more of a good old fashioned… Read on