Lil’ Wayne did okay at The Grammys last night. But what about those Lil’ ratings?
Global averaged 1,501,000 viewers over the three-and-a-half hour telecast, according to overnight “commercial” estimate from BBM Canada Nielsen Media Research.
That’s a boost from their usual Sunday night numbers, and enough to win the night, especially in the younger demos. But hardly an Oscar level blockbuster.
Global’s Grammy score looks better when measured just in Toronto and Vancouver. But CTV didn’t do too badly, either, with Desperate Housewives (1,520,000) and The Mentalist (1,175,000) more than holding their own across Canada. CBC didn’t do badly, either, with steady horse opera Heartland (710,000) drawing more than double Global’s Grammy‘s pre-show (314,000). Getting thumped in that mix: once mighty Degrassi, down to a total of 139,000 viewers on CTV. Across Canada! Sophie does better!!
In the U.S., CBS’s coverage of The 51st Annual Grammy Awards averaged 19.67 million viewers from 8 to 11, winning every half hour. It was also up significantly among 18-49-year olds from last year’s broadcast.

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