Bloody Hell! Osbournes Burn Bridge to Tonight

Trust Sharon Osbourne to tell it like it is.The driving force behind the Osbourne TV machine, Sharon was in L.A. earlier this year at a TV critics press tour party along with her rocker hubby Ozzy and Jack and Kelly, the two children they dragged before the cameras on their old reality show. (A third… Read on

Mercer: Back With Full Order Next Season

Despite all the slash and burn scenarios coming out of CBC, Rick Mercer says he’s back next season with a full order of 19 shows.Met Mercer for drinks on the Danforth yesterday afternoon. The host of the Rick Mercer Report is coming off his best season ever in terms of ratings–averaging around a million viewers… Read on

Junos Down Year to Year

The same old bands winning the same old awards took some of the fizz out of last night’s Juno Awards. CTV says they drew 1,227,000 on the overnight, estimated CTV “Total” scale; the BBM NMR commerical tally counted just 1,073,000 CTV viewers from 9-11. Either way that’s down from the 1,337,000 who tuned in last… Read on

D’oh! CBC Sacrifices The Simpsons

Ay, carumba! Ditching The Simpsons, part of CBC’s slash and burn plan (as reported here in Variety), is a bad idea, man. As one former Canadian network executive (there’s been a lot of them lately) said to me recently, “The Simpsons have saved more Canadian networks than probably any other show.”Just this past Wednesday, The… Read on

Oh Suhana

Want some clear answers about this whole CBC mess? Check out the video of CBC News Today host Suhana Meharchand going straight after Minister of Heritage James Moore in this spot posted here at Go to the site, check under “Related” and look on the right for the VIDEO link to Meharchand and Moore.… Read on

Fewer Episodes Not the Solution

Details about how the 800 CBC job cuts will impact the English language TV and radio schedules are starting to spill. Check out the latest postings at heard a few details driving home from an afternoon hockey game while listening to 680News. Fewer episodes of Little Mosque and Being Erica, plus less sports coverage,… Read on

Mercer Looks Like A Million

Last night’s sixth season finale of the Rick Mercer Report drew 1,095,000 viewers according to BBM NMR overnight estimates, beating even Jeopardy! When all the final numbers are in on the 22 week season, Mercer’s show will have averaged right around the million mark for 2008-2009, a 2% increase over last season’s average of 971,000… Read on