Girl on Girl Gooses Erica

Being Erica got a lift from her special gal pal last night, rebounding to 518,000 viewers (BBM NMR overnight estimates). Promoted like crazy as a sexier than usual episode (content warnings appeared on screen twice), Being Erotica was up nearly 100,000 CBC viewers from the week before and registered its second highest score in its new Wednesday night timeslot.
It didn’t hurt that two ratings powerhouses were not in the 9 p.m. mix last night. Lost was shoved up to 7 p.m. in the Toronto market to make room for a two hour America’s Next Top Model on Barrie’s A channel. A shorter, one hour American Idol (which scored 1,809,000 CTV “commercial” viewers at 8) moved that juggernaut out of Erica’s way, too, leaving her to duke it out at 9 with CTV’s Criminal Minds (1,285,000) and Global rookie Lie to Me (795,000).
At 8, The Week The Women Went continued to trend down to 592,000. Global staying in the mix with a rerun of over used House at 8 (776,000) and the already canceled Life on Mars at 10 (356,000).
Jeopardy? What’s pulled 1,055,000 viewers Wednesday, Alex.

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  1. Seems like the pattern is somewhat similar for “Erica” and “Wild Roses” if there’s nothing else on they get in the low 5’s, if there is something else on they get in the low 4,s. what is interesting to try and figure out is — are those numbers good enough to warrant renewal?

  2. Frank raises a good point…the best AND worst CBC dramas tend to get between 300,000 and 700,000 viewers regardless…some up or down slightly due to what’s on other channels or maybe they’re a little more popular, but none are anywhere near the 1,000,000 number thrown around as the bar a couple years ago.

    What makes a hit drama on CBC these days…


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