The same old bands winning the same old awards took some of the fizz out of last night’s Juno Awards. CTV says they drew 1,227,000 on the overnight, estimated CTV “Total” scale; the BBM NMR commerical tally counted just 1,073,000 CTV viewers from 9-11. Either way that’s down from the 1,337,000 who tuned in last year (on April 6) and less than what Global drew at 9 p.m. with an episode of Family Guy (1,448,000).
Even two back-to-back episodes of The Simpsons at 8 and 8:30 (1,158,000 and 1,108,000) did better than the Juno commercial score last night.
CTV’s Amazing Race beat all shows Sunday with 1,867,000 estimated commercial viewers. The red carpet special eTalk at the Junos had a poor showing with just 375,000 viewers across Canada.
CBC even beat eTalk with 40-year-old, black and white clips of Wayne & Shuster, which drew 449,000. Two hours of figure skating coverage did 456,000.

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