Oh Suhana – brioux.tv

Want some clear answers about this whole CBC mess? Check out the video of CBC News Today host Suhana Meharchand going straight after Minister of Heritage James Moore in this spot posted here at cbc.ca. Go to the site, check under “Related” and look on the right for the VIDEO link to Meharchand and Moore. It’s a spirited, six minute exchange, with pit bull Meharchand clearly feeling all the hits to her network over the past two days and not buying the minister’s response that the request for bridge financing was not in the long term “best interest of the CBC.”
There’s some tense debate about whether or not the Tories are going to allow the CBC to sell off assets (it’s all subject to cabinet approval). Meharchand does get Moore to declare that CBC will get their full funding next year, including the $60 million special funding that goes toward creating Canadian content. It’s a great bit of TV, and if nothing else, Meharchand will have a nice attack reel to send down to Fox News.

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