We asked and you answered. A record 136 readers voted in the latest TVFMF poll, which asked, “Should Geri Hall‘s ‘Single Female Voter’ stop crashing political press conferences on This Hour Has 22 Minutes?”
An overwhelming 83% of you said, go Geri, go, keep gooning politicians. Just 16% said cut it out.
This Hour Has 22 Minutes executive producer Mark Farrell says Hall’s Avery Adams character won’t be back this season (including tonight’s second last show at 8:30 on CBC), but “not because we’re gun shy; there just doesn’t seem to be an opportunity.”
All in all, he’s pleased with the way Hall’s character connected with viewers. His two favorite bits: “when Geri said the thing to Ignatieff about three-ways never working out the way you plan; or when Geri said to Duceppe while dancing with him: ‘I have to apologize; my stomach is doing cartwheels, I have a weak constitution, but you like that don’t you?'”
Tonight on 22 Minutes: Gunther Wilson (Gavin Crawford) discusses ‘Geo Fencing’ and introduces his younger brother, Aalto (Nathan Fielder) on “Computer Corner.”
SUNDAY NIGHT NUMBERS: CTV led all networks in 2+ “commercial” overnight estimates with The Amazing Race (1,834,000), Desperate Housewives (1,579,000) and out of simulcast The Mentalist (1,106,000), although Degrassi got the night off to another weak start with just 222,000 viewers across Canada.
Global’s lineup of Fox animated comedies continue to draw well in the big cities and among the younger demos, with The Simpsons (1,013,000), King Of The Hill (758,000), Family Guy (996,000) and American Dad (712,000) at robust levels. The ABC soap Brothers & Sisters lags at 10 p.m. with 586,000 viewers. If only it was more animated!
CBC saw 509,000 tune in for its horsey drama Heartland, followed by 441,000 for the Sunday night special, “India Reborn.”

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