Not much of a fight, this Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer showdown on Thursday night’s edition of The Daily Show. The two have been sniping at each other all week on their TV shows. But CNBC Mad Money host Cramer simply turtled on Stewart’s turf, letting the comedian rip Cramer a new hedge fund. While Stewart won an easy decision, better to have mocked, goofed on or simply reduced Cramer to a joke, as he usually does to worthy targets on The Daily Show, then to have had him on as a guest and swear at him.
“I hope that was as uncomfortable to watch as it was to do,” Stewart said at the end and it was. But I bet the ratings are through the roof tomorrow.
Anyway, Wednesday night’s overnight estimated BBM/NMR numbers: Being Erica (582,000) did okay considering she was up against a relocated episode of American Idol (2,217,000). The Week The Women Went, which got duller by the week, went for good Wednesday night, signing off with 796,000. Jeopardy! (1,146,000) and the CBC National News (832,000) both had good nights.
Idol wasn’t the only big hit on CTV Wednesday night. Even on the “commercial” BBM score, it cleaned up, drawing 1,832,000 for Criminal Minds at 8 and 2,082,000 for C.S.I. New York at 10. The 2 million per hour night had some carry over into the CTV National News, which scored a robust 1,273,000 viewers.
Global sells exclusively 18-49, big cities, so make what you will of their 2+ national boxcar numbers: Lie To Me, 791,000, Bones, 1,037,000 and Life On Mars 447,000.

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  1. I missed this last night but I’m relieved that Stewart didn’t back down. According to one story I read online, the interview ran eight minutes over. As a result, is supposed to have the complete, unedited interview online today.

    Cramer “turtled” most likely because he knew he was caught redhanded being an irresponsible broadcaster and figured that pretending to be contrite would be his best strategy for minimizing the damage. He and the rest of the fools at CNBC deserve the huge loss in credibility they’ve suffered because of all of this.

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