Knee News Knocks Radio Report

My usual Wednesday Talk Radio chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson was bumped to Thursday this week by my mom’s knee. Howzat? Margaret had knee replacement surgery Wednesday at Toronto Western Hospital and is doing well, thanks. When the doctor asked her if anything made her heart beat irregular prior to the surgery she never missed… Read on

CBC, TSN, Tweak Their Hockey Pool Picks

With Round Two of the NHL playoffs facing off tonight, CBC seems desperate to get back into the game, ratings wise.It was announced in a release today that CBC and TSN are flipping playoff games. CBC will now carry tomorrow night’s Round Two opener between the Detroit Red Wings and the Anaheim Ducks and TSN… Read on

TSN Beating CBC At Its Own Game

With Vancouver through in four, CBC’s remaining round one NHL playoff games are going right through the five hole. The big hockey action is over at TSN, which scored 1,104,000 for a 9:30 Black Hawks/Flames game Monday night. CBC had to stall with reruns of Sophie (156,000) and Little Mosque (211,000) until their late, 10:30… Read on

Take My Temperature, Please

Jay Leno was his jokey self on his first day back to work Monday night. Leno missed two nights of The Tonight Show last week–the first two sick days ever for the late night iron man–after recording a temperature of 103 degrees provoking an overnight trip to the hospital. “I ate a raw pig brought… Read on

Sweet Baby James Scores on Spectacle

I very much enjoyed Friday’s low key Spectacle visit with James Taylor. The man’s voice is still smooth as silk and his stories were smart and genuine. He seemed to bring out the best in host Elvis Costello, too, both in the duets and in the questions which were thoughtful and original. Costello brought Taylor… Read on

Melissa Gets Bounced, Joan Goes Ballistic on Best Celebrity Apprentice Ever

“You’re a poker player. That’s beyond white trash.”Joan Rivers spat that at Annie Duke on Sunday night`s electric, best ever episode of Celebrity Apprentice.Rivers ripped into the World Series of Poker champion after her daughter Melissa–beyond mommy’s protection on the opposing team–was fired by Donald Trump in a tense, edgy catfight of a board room… Read on

Are Blue Skies Coming to Network TV?

When it comes to feeling the full impact of the recession, nobody is feeling it like the TV business, which has lost millions of dollars in ad revenue. CBC has announced it is cutting back on the number of episodes it will order this year on shows like Little Mosque on the Prairie and This… Read on

Will CTV, Global Limit Their Cross Border Shopping This Spring?

Every spring, broadcasters hearts and minds turn to, not love, but pilots. One by one, they take off south of the border and TV execs fall in love with them all over again. U.S. programmers decide which ones make their schedules. Then Canadian programmers fly south, spend $700 million-plus, and bring as many as they… Read on