CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to talk about Kumar Goes to Washington and other House shockers on today’s News Talk radio chat. We do that plus yammer about rumours that the Harper government might throw some of your money at Canadian broadcasters to bail them out of that whole “broken business model” thing. See how fast the broadcasting brainiacs take your cash and give it to Disney, Warners and Fox as they bid up the price on the next Dirty Sexy Money, Cane, Lipstick Jungle or other imported misfire. Talk about dirty, sexy money! You can listen in here.
TUESDAY NIGHT NUMBERS: Ron James pulled 475,000 for his CBC stand up special behind reruns of Mercer (443,000) and 22 Minutes (254,000). The National News held steady at 847,000 (all numbers BBM NMR overnight “commercial” estimates).
CTV took the night with American Idol (2,186,000), a strong return for Fringe (1,419,000) and Law & Order: SVU (1,282,000). Lloyd drew 985,000 at 11.
Global stayed competitive with NCIS at 8 (1,697,000) followed by a strong debut for Part One of their homegrown handyman special Holmes in New Orleans (825,000). Less robust was Project Runway Canada (433,000).
Take a look at how well Global’s evergreen soap The Young and the Restless performs at 4:30–936,000 viewers. Carumba!
MONDAY NIGHT NUMBERS: CBC must be saying “Come on playoffs” as they coast through April reruns. Nothing cracked 360,000 from 8-10 p.m. Still, viewers flocked back for Mansbridge at 10 (858,000). Only Jeopardy! cracked the million mark (1,075,000).
That House shocker was the big draw of the night over at Global, with 2,016,000 tuning in. Jack Bauer arrested another 1,184,000 on 24. Heroes limped in at 10 with 470,000.
The second last episode of Corner Gas jumped up to 1,697,000 commercial (1.73 million in those supersized CTV “Total” numbers). Two and a Half Men (1,142,000) and CSI: Miami (1,250,000) were also big Monday draws for CTV, with Dancing with the Stars waltzing off with another 1.21 Million over on CTV’s conventional sister station A.

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  1. Business model? In Canadian broadcasting?

    That’s like saying the Darwin award nominees on YouTube with the rockets on their skateboards going off their parent’s roof had a plan…

    Srsly, dude, if the government wanted to help, it would give local SMALL and medium sized businesses (heavy emphasis needed there) a tax break on advertising locally. That way the money spent on Barrie’s A or Hamilton’s CH will stay there, not go up the pipe to CTV or Rogers.

    The alternative, as you mention, will just go into the pockets of Disney or Bruckheimer, et. al.

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