Plenty to cover this week with CHML Talk Radio`s Scott Thompson. We both agreed that last Friday’s Spectacle: Elvis Costello With… worked better than the first two outings of this series thanks to the many musical guests, including chatty Roseanne Cash. Scott also wanted to know the story behind Rick Moranis bowing out of the new Global animated comedy Bob & Doug. The suggestion was made that Sean Avery might liven up that new CBC reality series Battle of the Blades, which will pair NHL stars with figure skaters. You can listen in here.
Scott also wanted to know if the NHL playoffs were doing well so far this year. Vancouver games continue to be the big draw in Round One of the NHL playoffs. Tuesday night’s Canucks/Blues tilt drew 1,668,000 on CBC (BBM Canada overnight “commercial” estimates). That was more than double the Pittsburgh/Philly game (735,000) and the San Jose/Anaheim skate (738,000).
CTV’s American Idol topped all hockey games Tuesday with 2,303,000 “commercial” viewers. Fringe also scored with 1,475,000, with Law & Order SVU drawing 1,096,000 at 10.
Global’s NCIS was competitive with 992,000, but the night went downhill with 90210 drawing 401,000 Tori Spelling fans and Cold Blood ice cold at 187,000.
Monday’s match between the already ousted Habs and the Bruins netting 1,248,000. That was less than CTV scored at 9 with Two and a Half Men (1,361,000) or Global drew at 8 with Bones (1,329,000). Global pulled close to a million for 24 at 9, with half again for Heroes (457,000).
TSN drew 937,000 Monday night for their Round One match up between Chicago and Calgary.

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