Knee News Knocks Radio Report –

My usual Wednesday Talk Radio chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson was bumped to Thursday this week by my mom’s knee. Howzat? Margaret had knee replacement surgery Wednesday at Toronto Western Hospital and is doing well, thanks. When the doctor asked her if anything made her heart beat irregular prior to the surgery she never missed a beat. “Only when I look at him,” she said, pointing to my dad. These two kids have been married 61 years.
You’d think I was the one who was being operated on the way I go all ballistic over the prospects of broadcasters CTV and Global getting Carriage fee bailout booty. That plus last Sunday’s highly entertaining Joan and Melissa Rivers meltdown on The Celebrity Apprentice get the old Thompson radio run down. You can listen in here.
If anyone was wondering if I sounded any more or less rational on American radio, check out the link to a recent chit chat with Morning Man Mike Miller at WIMA in Lima, Ohio. Mike and I tee it up every Monday morning; this report was from two weeks ago when I was previewing Harper’s Island and Parks & Recreation. WIMA is a Fox Radio affiliate located in the heart of Buckeye Country. You can listen in here.

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