More Gas on the Radio –

Always enjoy chatting with Gary Doyle. He’s been the afternoon guy on Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario’s 570News for about as long as I’ve been writing about television and he calls me up from time to time to comment on the TV scene. He’s informed, endlessly curious about television and knows how to connect his listeners to the topic of the day.
We spoke this afternoon about tonight’s finale of one of Gary’s favorite shows, Corner Gas. After six seasons and 107 episodes, the gang from Dog River, Sask., call it quits tonight at 9:30 on CTV and A.
Gary used to live and work in small town Saskatchewan; his wife is from there and he knows these characters. As he says, he can’t believe they pay Eric Petersen (Oscar) to go on Corner Gas every week and act just like his late father-in-law. Listen as we salute what is probably the best sitcom Canada has ever produced here.

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