1. Save The Klan
2. Save The SUV
3. Save Hitler’s Brain
4. Bailout The Teachers Pension Fund Now
5. Exonerate Alan Eagleson
6. Join The Club Baby Seals Club
7. Give to the Brian Mulroney Defence Fund
8. Free Bernie Madoff Now
9. Screw Law & Order—20 Seasons for According to Jim
10. Mothers Against Mad-TV
11. Break Up The Maple Leafs
12. Hey Pulitzer—What About Marmaduke?
13. Bluetooths For Babies
14. Win a Date with Jon & Kate
15. Google McCartney’s House Now
16. Stop Obama Now
17. Tax Twitter Today
18. Seniors For Swine Flu
19. Say No to Lower Credit Card Interest Rates
20. Help Stamp Out Newspapers
21. Keep Toronto Smug
22. Tax The Poor/Free Conrad Black
23. More CBC Middle Managers Now
24. Bring Back Steven & Chris
25. Bring Back Canadian Idol


  1. I forget: is CTV the company that bought all those local channels, then found out they actually didn’t make money? Or was it the company that tried to make Barrie “hip”?

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