If you were at Bruce Springsteen’s concert at the ACC the other night, like CHML’s Scott Thompson, you’d know that Max Weinberg won’t be touring with the boss in Europe this summer. That’s because Conan O’Brien has insisted Max be behind his kit when O’Brien debuts as host of the Tonight Show June 1. Turns out Max’s son will drum for Springsteen this summer instead; The Max Weinberg 7, of course, is the new Tonight Show house band.
Other things discussed on today’s CHML radio chat: Joan Rivers victory on The Celebrity Apprentice (no surprise; Trump had to keep mom happy after firing daughter Melissa), Global’s endless bank deadline extensions, hockey team talk in Hamilton and Jimmy Fallon’s steady progress in late night.
Also discussed: CTV’s plans to unveil their brand spankin’ new high definition national news set. Hey–aren’t these guys broke? Plus do we really need to see Lloyd Robertson in Hi-def?
You can listen in here.

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