Can She Talk? Joan Rivers Wakes Up TCA

PASADENA, Calif.–Joan Rivers was her usual blunt and funny self at press tour. The 76-year-old comedy legend was here to promote her new U.S. cable series How’d You Get So Rich (coming Aug. 5 to TVLand but so far not on TVLand Canada’s schedule).On the show, Rivers barges into mansions and asks people how they… Read on

TCA Day Three Cont.: It Wasn’t Me

Crazy, whirlwind pace to press tour today, and we still haven’t arrived at the HBO sessions.This morning, TV Critics P.R. darling Cindy Ronzoni threw a press breakfast for the Lifetime Network. The female-skewing cable net does not cross the Canadian border, but some of its shows do, including the family comedy Rita Rocks (airing on… Read on

TCA Day Three: The Lamas Method

PASADENA, Calif.–Lorenzo Lamas looks Mahvelous. The former Falcon Crest and Renegade dude was at press tour today to help promote The Lamas Life, a celebrity reality show/dysfunctional family TV intervention airing Stateside on E! Entertainment Television.Still impossibly tanned and trim, if a little Tommy Lee leathery, Lamas sat on stage with daughters Shayne Lamas, son… Read on

Jeff Dunham Not Funny

PASADENA, Calif.–Comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham wanted to help critics out by offering some headlines for his TCA visit today. Dunham is the dude with all those big-headed dummies (no not the critics) he carts up to Just Four Laughs every summer. You know them–his cranky old man Walter, Peanut, Bubba Jr. and Achmed the Dead Terrorist… Read on

TCA Day Two: Matt Damon Makes History

PASADENA, Calif.–Maybe its just because I’m sitting next to the constantly clicking still photographers, but the buzz level seems to have jumped a notch on Day Two of press tour. I’m in a session now for The History Network with Matt Damon and Marisa Tomei, both very involved with a program called The People Speak.… Read on

Plane Truth About NBC Universal in the Air

Flying in to LA for the semi-annual TCA press tour was like one big promo for NBC Universal. That’s because I flew in on American Airlines,which has a deal to show NBC Universal content on their airlines. The 737 I jetted in on did not have those cool new individual plasma screens on the seat… Read on

TCA Press Tour Day One: Lopez lands Obama

On a day when he was deflecting persistent questions about his citizenship, U.S. president Barack Obama turned up in the strangest place–the start of the semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour.TCA’s summer sessions began today in Pasadena, Calif., and Obama appeared via video in a session for his campaign chum, George Lopez. Lopez was live… Read on

Summit Fails to Give CBC Much of a Bump

Ratings for the CBC miniseries The Summit didn’t exactly hit any peaks last Sunday. Part One scored 415,000 viewers according to overnight BBM Canada estimates. Part Two of the political thriller, starring Bruce Greenwood as a defiant Canadian PM and Christopher Plummer as a prickly U.S. president, airs this Sunday.Other recent ratings numbers across Canada:… Read on