Box Score Review No. 1: Hell’s Kitchen –

Tonight, Hell’s Kitchen–the No. 1 show in the greater Toronto market last summer–returns to Fox and Citytv. The sixth edition opens with a two hour premiere at 8 p.m.

Hell’s Kitchen also launches a new feature here at TVFMF–video reviews. These weekly “Box Score” reviews will tell you in one minute whether or not a program is worth a look and, more importantly, your time. Featuring clips from the show being reviewed and commentary from yours truly, they are shot, edited and produced by Juan Fanzio and his partner Derek Robinson at Fox Media (check out their reel over at BizClipz) and will appear first each week over at Fanzio’s new all-news website, TorontoNews24. This first one was shot near Juan’s studios out in Toronto’s East end Beaches district. That is Tim McConvey swearing back at me at his cool little Beaches bistro, The Pie Shack. Try the Strawberry/Rubarb pie and thank me later.

Feel free to review the review in the comments section–just no swearing like chef Ramsay, okay?

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