Canada Not Feeling Triple Sensation –

Not a happy Canada Day if you are a Canadian broadcaster. A peek at recent ratings show that network numbers have dropped to specialty levels everywhere but at CTV. Some recent examples:
CBC’s talent search series Triple Sensation drew just 174,000 Monday night, with only 51,000 in the 25-54-year-old demo. It premiered a week earlier to just 220,000. Just 64,000 tuned in to an old episode of Intelligence on CBC Saturday night–across Canada!
CTV found nearly a million viewers for Merlin Sunday night, with So You Think You Can Dance flirting with 1.5 million last Thursday. A lot of people are still watching reruns of popular shows like CSI Miami and House, but not much else is even worth reporting.

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  1. I enjoy watching Triple Sensation. Perhaps the fact there are so few viewers is because there has been no informaiton about the program in the print media. I know CBC faced huge cuts recently. Perhaps they do not have any personnel, or budget, to properly promote this series. I also really enjoy the spin off series “Inspiration and Performance”. Such a shame it is not being seen by more people.

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