PASADENA, Calif.–Comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham wanted to help critics out by offering some headlines for his TCA visit today. Dunham is the dude with all those big-headed dummies (no not the critics) he carts up to Just Four Laughs every summer. You know them–his cranky old man Walter, Peanut, Bubba Jr. and Achmed the Dead Terrorist (basically a talking skeleton). He has a new series, The Jeff Dunham Show, coming to Comedy Central Oct. 22. (It’s coming to CTV’s Comedy Network, too.)
Among Dunham’s headline suggestions:
Jeff Dunham Show Cast is Kinda Wooden
Dunham’s Show is for Dummies
Dunham Makes Dolls Talk but Can’t Make Audience Laugh
Dunham is as Funny as a Block of F***ing Wood
Not Funny: Read My Lips
There were others. He went on to make hilarious jokes about how all the critics are being downsized and stuff. “Are you guys going to wait to get laid off or take the early severance package?”
To be fair, grumpy grandpa Walter said that, not Jeff. Still,
Jeff Dunham is a Tool.


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