Letterman/McCartney: Back in the USA – brioux.tv

If you missed last night’s historic Paul McCartney/David Letterman summit, here are a few clips. It is cool to see Letterman behave like a fan. He got in his share of dumb guy questions, such as, “Were you guys nice to Ringo?” But he did managed to get McCartney to share a few less-traveled stories. We learn, for one thing, why Ringo had a “rather high bathing costume” on that trip to Miami beach way back in February of 1964.
McCartney and his excellent band later rocked out way up on the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater–the same place they made history back in 1964. Ever play a marquee before? Letterman asked. “I’ve played a roof,” quipped Sir Paul.
The TV audience got to hear “Get Back” and a song from McCartney’s recent “Fireman” album. But, off camera, he also treated New Yorkers who packed Broadway to a couple of other songs, including “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and “Helter Skelter.” Wish the dude with the camcorder had zoomed in, but the clip below gives you a taste of the New York treat:

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