Summit Fails to Give CBC Much of a Bump

Ratings for the CBC miniseries The Summit didn’t exactly hit any peaks last Sunday. Part One scored 415,000 viewers according to overnight BBM Canada estimates. Part Two of the political thriller, starring Bruce Greenwood as a defiant Canadian PM and Christopher Plummer as a prickly U.S. president, airs this Sunday.
Other recent ratings numbers across Canada: a rerun of Dragon’s Den scored an impressive 625,000 viewers Wednesday night on CBC. So You Think You Can Dance is still playing to a wide room on CTV, waltzing off with 1,614,000 viewers Wednesday on the “commercial” national scale. CTV’s National News pulled a healthy 1,106,000 the same night. Global is doing well with Wipeout, which drew 911,000 Wednesday; not so good with The Philanthropist an hour later (393,000). Big Brother still has a following after 11 editions in Canada, finding 938,000 Global viewers Tuesday night. Triple Sensation continues to be anything but, scoring 210,000 CBC viewers Monday night–just 37,000 in the 25-54-year-old demo.
UPDATE: The Listener is still a hit in Canada, drawing close to a million Thursday night and 871,000 “commercial” last Thursday. We’ll see how it fares going forward now that NBC has dropped the drama Stateside.

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  1. Just clarification – not sure if this is what you meant anyway – but The Listener was in simulcast up to last night. NBC’s announcement came a couple of weeks ago but they pulled the plug after July 23’s ep.


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