Teletoon Plays Robot Chicken with Dead Kennedy

Memo to Teletoon: Might want to review those Robot Chicken reruns before you throw them on the air. At 10:15 tonight, I watched a Ted Kennedy doll go on a killing spree with a Jenna Jameson porn star doll. The late Massachusetts senator, just laid to rest Saturday, was shown wading into a bar, helping… Read on

Not Much Ado About MuchMusic at 25

Maybe Brad Schwartz is right. The Sr. V.P. and GM of MuchMusic raised hackles last week when he proudly declared that the station would be doing “absolutely nothing to celebrate our 25th anniversary. “Now a division of the CTV “broken business plan” fun factory, MuchMusic hit the air exactly 25 years ago today, on August… Read on

Sherri Woodstock II This Saturday

If you’re looking to party hearty on a budget this weekend check out Sherri Woodstock II, happening Saturday night at the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen St. West in Toronto. Thanks to her mom, Debbie, sister Kayla and the rest of her close-knit family, the spirit of Toronto Sun spark plug Sherri Wood lives on in… Read on

Shameless TV Plug: Today on Live @ 5:30

Heading down the 407 today to yak with Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly on CHCH’s Live @ 5:30. The topic is the travesty that is the Geminis and how those pinheads could salute the best in Canadian TV and completely shut out the final seasons of two of Canada’s finest comedies ever, Corner Gas and… Read on

Web Series CTRL a Click Away

A lot of Web TV content originating from the States is geoblocked. Here’s one you can access north of the border and it’s from a major network, NBC Universal: CTRL. It streams on, and and can be viewed in Canada here.The 10-part series, broken into five-minute webisodes, stars former Arrested Development Bluth… Read on

Heche a Hit on Last Night’s Letterman

Okay, I take it all back. Anne Heche is funny and fabulous. (So are these hi-def Letterman clips off YouTube. Even the GatorAid ads are extras.)

Geminis Make Flashpoint But Flunk Testees

I hate the Geminis. Every year without fail they nominate something so howlingly lame Canada is exposed as a nation that salutes every damn thing it produces.This year it is Testees, nominated as Canada’s Best TV Comedy. Wow. “Canada Nuts For Testees.” Be proud, eh?Maybe it is the duel nature of the Geminis to combine… Read on

DVD Review: thirtysomething Season One

Nobody is on the fence about thirtysomething. You either love it or hate it.The ABC drama is released for the first time today in a DVD boxed set (thirtysomething The Complete First Season, Shout! Factory, $59.95, get more info here). The plan is to release all four seasons of the series in six month intervals.Right… Read on