Hugh Laurie Makes House Call at Fox TCA Bash –

PASADENA, Calif.–Saw Hugh Laurie of House gamely making the scene at the Fox All Star Party Thursday night. His co-stars Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde and Robert Sean Leonard were also there, along with executive producer and pride of London, Ont., David Shore.
Fox had many of their other stars there, too, including suddenly unfunny Wanda Sykes, David Boreanaz and always elegant Emily Deschanel from Bones and all those peppy Glee kids: B.C.’s Cory Monteith, Montrealer Jessalyn Gilsig, Mathew Morrison, Dianna Agron and always hilarious Jane Lynch. Chef Gordon Ramsay was there in a pink T-shirt two sizes too small. Al Jean from The Simpsons was on the back lawn of the Langham Huntington, along with Mogan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker who is doing a 20th anniversary special on TV’s top ‘toon (scheduled for next January).
Anyway, caught up with Laurie before he made his exit from the bash. He shares this insight into the coming season on the medical drama: House goes bonkers and spends the first two episodes in a mental institution. When he emerges, he loses his medical license. Does he get better? “I think so,” says Laurie, although “he’s a fragile flower so I have my doubts.”
Also at the party was that beefy bachelor from More to Love, Luke Conley (with host Emme). Actually, Conley was all over the place at press tour, showing up at a Fox daytime session, at the All Star party, and on Friday at a Warner Bros studio day set visit. The man would go to the opening of an envelope. Bad enough that he kept hitting on a Canadian reporter down on the tour, but he also had a skinny, 6-foot blond hanging off him like tinsel off a Christmas tree at the Fox bash. More to love indeed.


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