A lot of questions were answered with Tuesday’s second season premiere of CBC’s Being Erica. The one still unanswered: will this show ever bust out beyond the half million mark nationally?
Being Erica drew 495,000 viewers on a very competitive Tuesday night. Seems poor Erica can’t catch a break with the new Personal People Meters, which so far this fall seems to have boosted ratings for some shows on private networks CTV and especially Global.
Erica, for example, got pounded in the 9 p.m. timeslot Tuesday by the return of The Mentalist on CTV (1,422,000 out of simulcast) and the launch of NCIS Los Angeles on Global (1,701,000).
Global always did well with the original NCIS at 8, but look at Tuesday’s sixth season premiere: 2,464,000! Another 1,385,000 tuned in for the premiere of Juliana Marguilies as The Good Wife at 10 on Global, which was shaded in the timeslot by still potent Law & Order SVU on CTV (1, 440,000).
CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada stayed competitive at 8, grabbing 1,272,000 viewers according to BBM Canada overnight estimates for the performance show.
And look at these daytime numbers: CTV’s Dr. Oz at 5 p.m.: 954,000 (well ahead of both Oprah and Dr. Phil). Global’s The Young and the Restless drew 914,000 at 4:30. CBC got 874,000 for Jeopardy! at 7, but they used to get a million there pre-PPMs.
Most troubling for CBC seems to be the PPM news counts. Tuesdays national newscasts: CTV at 11: 1,249,000, Global National at 5:30: 1,036,000 and CBC National News at 10: 648,000 (down to 490,000 at 10:25 p.m.). Does PPM stand for Pick on Peter Mansbridge?

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