PPM–Punish Peter Mansbridge?

The Personal People Meter data continues to astound. Huge numbers for returning shows–nearly three million counted for CTV’s Criminal Minds Wednesday night, for example. Weren`t grim crime dramas supposed to be so last year? It seems that certain shows and networks seem to have gained more from the new BBM Canada PPM data than others.
The news for CBC, in fact, is not that great. Wednesday night at 10 p.m., according to overnight estimates, 562,000 tuned in to the CBC National News. That was down to 409,000 by 10:25.
Over at CTV, which enjoyed a huge night of first run fare with So You Think You Can Dance Canada at 7:30 (1,086,000), America`s Top Model at 8 (1,347,000), Criminal Minds at 9 (2,965,000) and CSI: New York at 10 2,46,000), the CTV National News scored 1,563,000 commercial. That`s no typo–Lloyd Robertson beats Peter Mansbridge by more than a million viewers.
Kevin Newman has got PPM fever, too. At 5:30, the Global National newscast scores 1,081,000 viewers.
CBC has announced plans to tweak their newscast, including a new set and other makeovers, with details to be announced at a Toronto press conference in early October. It`s not helping that CBC is getting creamed in prime time this week up against new episodes of those high-powered U.S. network simulcasts. The Tudors, which launches Season Three next week, was a rerun last night and mustered only 322,000 CBC viewers, although a rerun of Dragon`s Den pulled a healthy 880,000. Those Dragons roar back Sept. 30.
Global squeezed CBC on the left Wednesday night, drawing 1,825,000 for a new Bones followed by 1,206,000 for the fourth episode of Glee (where Jane Lynch took full advantage of her hilarious “As Sue C`s It“ segments). Meanwhile, they are probably counting the days until Heather Locklear guests on Melrose Place, down to 412,000 Global viewers Wednesday night.

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