Has Being Erica bottomed out? The second year CBC series dipped below the Brampton Barrier in Week Four, delivering just 410,000 viewers Tuesday night according to BBM Canada overnight estimates.
Worse, the hour long series seems immune to the PPM bounce. Other shows on other channels continue to get a big lift on Tuesday night. Tops overall was Global’s NCIS (2,215,000), followed by rookie drama NCIS: Los Angeles (1,720,000). Right behind that was Citytv’s Hell’s Kitchen at 1,717,000. Global’s big night ended with another fall winner, The Good Wife (1,276,000).
CTV had plenty to cheer about, with their regional supper hour newscasts attracting over 1.5 viewers nationally. So You Think You Can Dance Canada drew 1,291,000 commercial at 8. Law & Order SVU drew 1,392,000 at 10.
Still, CTV could have done even better, ratings wise, if it simulcast ABC’s Dancing with the Stars results hour Tuesdays at 9. Instead, CTV sticks with the 90-minute SYTYCDCanada and fills the bottom of the hour with CBS’s Monday comedy The Big Bang Theory (which drew 801,000 on CTV Tuesday night).
And then they never air the Dancing results show ever. Not the next night, not at noon, never. They’ve done this for a few weeks, bouncing the show over to A channel instead. Are they trying to piss viewers off? Imagine of CBC didn’t carry the last period of Hockey Night in Canada, putting it on Newsworld instead. WTF??
Other Tuesday night numbers: CBC’s Jeopardy: 1,093,000. The Rick Mercer Report: 996,000. This Hour Has 22 Minutes: 520,000. CTV National News: 1,225,000. CBC’s The National: 532,000 at 10. The Hour You`ll Never Get Back: 111,000.
There is more yammering about the new PPM numbers on this week‘s podcast with CHML radio dude Scott Thompson. Scott also asks about a writer who made headlines by getting tossed off the Mad Men staff and I pretend to know something about that. You can listen in here.


  1. maybe they should move Erika to a horse ranch in Alberta where this bad ass family next door is making her life hell, but the thing is she really is in love with that bad families good son and there are plenty of soapy shenanigans and…

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