What’s this? Canadians watching Canadian TV shows? It was true all weekend as these made-in-Canada favourites pulled mass audiences across the nation. The weekend CanCon leaders, excluding newscasts (all figures BBM Canada overnight estimates):
1. Hockey Night in Canada Leafs/Rangers (Sat., CBC): 1,718,000
2. Flashpoint (Fri., CTV): 1,642,000
3. Battle of the Blades (Sun., CBC): 1,578,000
4. Heartland (Sun., CBC): 1,003,000
5. Hockey Night in Canada Canucks/Wild (Sat., CBC): 986,000
6. The Ron James Show (Fri., CBC): 739,000
In addition, all six CTV Evening and National newscasts pulled over a million viewers over the weekend, with last Friday’s CTV super hour news drawing 1,486,000 viewers. That adds up to 10 Canadian weekend TV offerings topping at least one million viewers.
Other big winners over the weekend: CTV’s Amazing Race (2,413,000) and Desperate Housewives (2,278,000) cleaned up aqs usual Sunday. Global scored the same night with the annual Treehouse of Horrors episode of The Simpsons (1,455,000) with Family Guy (1,382,000) not far behind. A Sunday afternoon Halloween movie on Family drew a scary 745,000. Even Degrassi had a stronger than usual week, pulling 608,000 Sunday night. Finally, 463,000 stayed up for Saturday Night Live on Global.
UPDATE: Friday night on Space, Stargate Universe drew 334,000 while Sanctuary did a more down to earth 118,000.


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