Did Rogers screw with the Battle of the Blades finale to make a point about the power of cable vs. the networks? The BBM Canada overnight estimates have an asterisk next to CBC’s Blades numbers, which currently stand at 1,754,000 viewers. That is up over the usual Monday audience for the figure skating reality show, but expectations were higher given the closer to 2 million tally the show averages on Sundays.
“Due to the issues on the CBC Toronto (CBLT) feed,” says BBM Canada, “these numbers may change in the confirmed data.”
That blackout was restricted to Rogers’ SD feed on Toronto’s channel 6. The HD feed went out uninterrupted, as did the earlier Atlantic Canada feed seen at 7 p.m. Toronto time (and where I watched the finale).
Blades clocked 223,000 viewers in the GTA at 8 and picked up another 206,000 at 9 when Rogers replayed it. Will that second window be added to the overall total?
TVFMF insider “Deep Numbers” smells a rat. “Conspiracy theorists at CBC see the dead hand of Ted Rogers reaching from the mausoleum and flicking the ‘local TV doesn’t matter’ switch for CBC last night, just to prove the power of cable to the CRTC.” Hey, stranger things have happened.
Other numbers from Monday night: House on Global won the night wil just under 3 million viewers. CTV’s CSI: Miami drew 2,347,000. CTV’s Dancing with the Stars performance 2,125,000. Global’s Lie to Me 808,000.
The national newscasts: Global at 5:30 1,331,000, CTV at 11 1,220,000, CBC at 10 694,000 and 533,000 at 10:25.
A-channel’s topper was Two and a Half Men at 861,000. Discovery scored with Canada’s Worst Driver at 672,000. Citytv’s biggest draw was How I Met Your Mother with 688,000 and TSN gained 546,000 thanks to Monday Night Football.


  1. Did you know that when Roger’s customers were calling to complain they were told that CBC was the problem, not Rogers. I know since I was there, at CBC, when the calls started to come in. Let’s face it, Rogers are a bunch of amateur, feeble scumbags and they always will be. So people couldn’t see their show, CBC lost a ton of money (advertisers during the 8pm slot, and then the loss of money from the preempting of “Just for Laughs” spots too.) All this happens but Rogers still collects their money.

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