The Border got very little bump this week from all that press about James McGowan‘s Afghanistan episode, drawing 443,000 viewers across the country according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. This is roughly the number of people who live in Brampton, Ont.
The big draws as always on Thursday night were Survivor Samoa on Global (3,048,000) and Grey’s Anatomy on CTV (2,909,000).
CTV had a big night all around, with The Mentalist (2,198,000) and CSI (2,108,000) followed by their PPM friendly Evening supper hour newscast (1,651,000) and the CTV National News at 11 with Lloyd (1,308,000). The Vampire Diaries even cracked the million mark Thursday night, drawing 1,074,000, a shade higher than Global National at 5:30 (1,072,000).
The Border, as usual, suffered from a weak lead-in (Doc Zone, which got 367,000 Berlin Wall buffs) and being opposite that crushing Grey’s Anatomy number.
It all added to another dismal outing for the new CBC National, which stood at 540,000 at 10 and 417,000 at 10:25. Other shows that did better than The National Thursday night: Jeopardy! and its teen tourney (1,021,000), The Office on Global (955,000), A channel’s Fringe (740,000) and Private Practice (688,000), YTV’s SpongeBob (656,000) and Family’s Suite Life (611,000), Coronation Street (622,000), TSN’s Montreal/Boston hockey coverage and YTV’s iCarly (both 608,000), CTV’s Dr. Phil (565,000), and Global’s Entertainment Tonight (545,000).
Beating the second half of The National was History’s Ice Road Truckers (429,000).

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