It was another winning weekend for Canadian television. CBC surely missed that automatic 1.8 million on this first Sunday after Battle of the Blades, although they did trick 955,000 into watching figure skating (with just 234,000 in the 25-54-year-old demo). Earlier, at 5, 805,000 tuned in for the CBC Disney movie The Princess Diaries II, leading in nicely to Heartland, which galloped off with its usual 1.2 million.
The big Canadian draw Sunday night was the two CFL playoff games on TSN, with the victorious Green Riders scoring close to two million at 4:49. The Alouettes entertained 1,160,000 at 1 p.m.
Beating everything Sunday as usual was CTV`s Amazing Race (featuring blond daters Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney, above), which clocked 2,260,000.
OTHER SUNDAY NUMBERS: With Battle of the Blades out of the mix, Global`s The Simpsons got a boost, jumping to 1.5 million according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. CTV`s Cold Case, which, yes, is still on, did 1,351,000. Global`s Family Guy drew 1,135,000.
A channel had the American Music Awards, and got 781,000 to watch. CBC`s Nature of Things pulled 448,000. CTV`s Degrassi back-to-backs went 292,000 and 280,000.
SATURDAY the big winner, as always, was Game One on Hockey Night in Canada, scoring 2,101,000 happy Leaf fans. SNL did 416,000 at 11:30 on Global.
FRIDAY saw 1,575,000 show for the season finale of Flashpoint (with Hugh Dillon and Michael Cram, left), which tried to steal a little Blade glory by training its sights on Maple Leaf Gardens. That placed second over all nationally on the night to the CTV supper hour Evening News, which did 1,649,000. CTV`s Friday movie, Shrek The Third, did 1,281,000.
Oprah got 777,000 CTV viewers to tune in to her big announcement. Ron James found 570,000 at 8 on CBC, Stargate Universe soared to a steady 308,000 at Space, where Sanctuary did 148,000.


  1. The Border did 469,000 Thursday, falling to fifth in its timeslot. It got crushed by a new Grey`s Anatomy, which will top 3 million when the CTV Total score is finally counted. Global`s The Office took another 813,000. TSN stole another 602,000 at 9:30 with a hockey game. A channel`s Fringe drew 503,000. The Border has been thrown into a kill zone, gang tackled by strong male and female appeal shows to the right and left.

  2. I agree with you Bill; there aren’t a lot of great slots out there for one-hours, but 9:00 on Thursday is tough.

  3. And thanks, I think, for not listing the Smallville numbers. I still enjoy this show, particularly with its shift away from serialized episodes and Erica Durance’s more prominent role as Lois Lane. The music selections are more raw sounding however.

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