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Those Dragons continue to roar. The CBC venture capital series Dragon’s Den (featuring Robert Herjavec, right) drew 1,820,000 Wednesday night, with about half that in the valued 25-54-year-old range. Look at how these Dragons have roared after six episodes this season (all figures BBM Canada overnight estimates):
Sept. 30 1,320,000
Oct. 7 1,479,000
Oct. 14 1,678,000
Oct. 21 1,717,000
Oct. 28 1,709,000
Nov. 4 1,820,000
Smart move, CBC, doubling up on this series and shooting season’s four and five at the same time. Take it to the bank–it’s only a matter of time before this sucker cracks the 2 million viewer mark.
Global’s Bones still managed to edge Dragon’s in the 8 p.m. slot, scoring 1,992,000 2+ and 905,000 25-54.
CTV had the night’s two top ratings grabbers, Criminal Minds (2,762,000) followed by CSI: NY (2,388,000). The CTV local supper hour Evening News rang up 1,776,000 viewers while Global National at 5:30 did 1,193,000, edging CTV’s National News (1,162,000).
That Yankee World Series win connected with 853,000 Sportsnet viewers. The Tudors reigned in 765,000 at 9 on CBC.
That massive Dragon’s Den start to the night may have helped CBC’s The National to their biggest audience since before last week’s re-boot, with a standing count of 759,000. The bad news was that, at 10:25, it sat right down again to 438,000. That’s a big bail out. Blame Yankee fans who switched to see Mariano Rivera pitch the last few outs?
OTHER WEDNESDAY NUMBERS: Citytv’s high score was Cougar Town at 576,000. Family’s high was Suite Life at 568,000, followed by YTV’s SpongeBob at 561,000. TSN scored 508,000 with Calgary/Dallas hockey. History steered 407,000 toward Ice Road Truckers. Eastwick scared up 268,000 over at A. YTV original ‘tween sketch series That’s So Weird drew a respectable 165,000. Strombo’s The Hour sank to 96,000.

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