Ice Pilots NWT took off Wednesday night, soaring to 459,000 History Television viewers according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. That’s gotta be History’s strongest domestic series launch ever. Buffalo Airways, we salute you!
The northern reality series debut ranked 25th for the night in Canada, beating out big name American imports like Modern Family (434,000) and Cougar Town (421,000) on Citytv, a Colorado/Edmonton game on TSN (433,000), So You Think You Can Dance results on A channel (316,000) and The Jay Leno Show on City (306,000).
Maybe Leno oughtta book the McBryan’s for a 10 at 10 turn.
OTHER WEDNESDAY NIGHT NUMBERS: Tops overall were CTV crime dramas CSI: New York (2,782,000) and Criminal Minds (2,692,000). Bones rattled 1,980,000 viewers on Global. CBC’s Dragon’s Den was down three bucks at 1,746,000. That Glee episode, where Finn (Cory Monteith) sang Paul Anka’s “Havin’ My Baby” to Quinn (Dianna Agron) and her shocked parents at their dinner table, hit 1,734,000. The Tudors did 871,000.
The national news score: CTV at 11 1,194,000, Global at 5:30 1,029,000, CBC at 10 and 10:25 679,000/547,000.

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  1. The NWT is Going Crazy over the ratings of Ice Pilots. Our Little show just happen to “Take Off”.


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